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Virginia Woolf in our Collection Magma Languages

Pierre Turcotte Editor is pleased to announce the publication of the second issue of our Collection Magma Languages: The Widow and the Parrot – La veuve et le parroquet by Virginia Woolf. This bilingual edition is specifically aimed at people who learn foreign languages, in this case English or French, as well as literature lovers who wish to discover the work of this major English writer. New translation from English by Caroline Lavoie.

The Widow and the Parrot is a short story commissioned from Virginia Woolf for publication in a journal maintained and edited by members of her family. It was written in 1922 or 1923. The short story tells the story of a widow, Mrs Gage, who learns of the death of her brother whom she has not seen for several years. This one leaves her a dilapidated house in inheritance where there is a parrot whose neighbors took care of until her arrival. James, the parrot, keeps repeating "Not at home, not at home!". After several adventures, however, he will be of great use to the widow...

You can get this e-book in EPUB format from our store (print format on Amazon):

WOOLF, Virginia. The Widow and the Parrot / The widow and the parrot. Montreal: Pierre Turcotte Editor, Collection Magma Langues, 2022, 71 p.

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