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Collection Magma Languages


The Collection Magma Languages is in preparation and a first issue will be published shortly. The collection is aimed specifically at people interested in foreign languages in search of quality with simple literary texts to complete their training. It presents short prose works by foreign authors that deserve to be discovered. Each volume is presented in three parts: 1. The original work in full in the original language with the original alphabet; 2. Edited in simultaneous columns in the original language and in French, sentence by sentence, in order to facilitate learning; 3. The Work in extenso translated into French for ease of reading. This edition is a powerful training tool and allows the text to be read in its original language and in its French translation. So the lover of languages and the lover of literature will find their account there. Translators are invited to submit projects in any languages.

To submit a translation (new translation, any languages, Word file, Times New Roman 12 font, left aligned, paginated), please use the following submission form:



No 1

Михаил Булгаков, Красная корона [Russian]

Mikhaïl Boulgakov, La Couronne rouge [French]

Translation from Russian by Alexandre Sobolev and Pierre Turcotte

Presentation by Pierre Turcotte

Boulgakov - La Couronne rouge
Boulgakov - La Couronne rouge