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Collection Magma Solo


The Collection Magma Solo presents contemporary short stories. Each one is published individually in a stand alone ebook. A collection that can serve as a presentation for authors. The best way to discover fantastic new authors.

We wish to provide readers with quality contemporary literature that is accessible for all budgets.

Due to the length of the texts, the books in the Magma Solo Collection are published only as digital books in ePUB format, all at the single price of €1.00.

No 1

Pierre Turcotte, Le recul du lecteur [French]

No 2

Pierre Turcotte, Un coup bien monté [French]

No 3

Laurence Chaudouët, La revanche d'Antonia [French]

No 4

Valérie de la Torre, L'étage de la maison Belrose [French]


No 5

Antonio Rolando Arenas, Un periodista sin trabajo [Spanish]


No 6

Héctor Daniel Olivera Campos, Sabes contar historias [Spanish] [unavailable]


No 7

Lili Velle, L'envol [French]

No 8

Fabiana Elisa Martínez, Stupidity


No 9

Alejandro Mársico, Rastitas [Spanish]

No 10

Nathalie Villalba, Un jour d'été [French]

Martínez - Stupidity
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