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LGBTQ+ Library

The collection LGBTQ+ Library at Pierre Turcotte Editor publishes iconic literary works of LGBTQ+ culture. Classics in all languages, often forgotten texts, to discover or rediscover. Also texts by contemporary authors who expose themes related to the collection and which deserve to be highlighted. Books in English are in bold type.

Paul ADAM, La mésaventure, short story. [French]
ANONYMOUS, Le fétichisme en amour, novel. [French]
ANONYMOUS, Les vacances au château, novel. [French]
Federico GARCÍA LORCA, Sonetos del amor oscuro, poetry. [Spanish]
Soledad LIDA, Dramma giocoso, short story [French]
Pablo PALACIO, Un hombre muerto a puntapiés, short story [Spanish]
Edward Irenaeus PRIME-STEVENSON, Imre: A Memorandum, novel. NEW

Antonio ROCCO, Alcibiade enfant à l’école, short story. [French]

Antonio ROCCO, L’Alcibiade fanciullo a scola, short story. [Italian]

Bayard TAYLOR, Joseph and His Friend: A Story of Pennsylvania, novel.

Karl Heinrich ULRICHS, Manor, short story. [German]

Paul VERLAINE, Hombres, poetry. [French]

Prime-Stevenson - Imre A Memorandum
Anonyme - Le fétichisme en amour
Palacio - Un hombre muerto a puntapiés
Lida - Dramma giocoso (couverture)
Anonyme - Les vacances au château
Taylor - Joseph and his Friend
Adam - La mésaventure
Rocco - Alcibiade enfant à l'école
García Lorca - Sonetos del amor oscuro (couverture)
Rocco - L'Alcibiade fanciullo a scola
Ulrichs - Manor
Verlaine - Hombres
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