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Collection Magma Solo

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Pierre Turcotte Editor is proud to present its brand new collection. The Collection Magma Solo offers short texts that have already been published in a review or in an anthology, for immediate reading and at a very low price. One work per digital book (ePub format), a sober but attractive cover and one unbeatable price: 0.99 €!

With this collection, we are targeting the mass market of e-readers. The titles will be available on our store, on Apple Books, Amazon and Rakuten Kobo.

Ideal for discovering fantastic new authors.

Pierre Turcotte opens the collection with two short stories in French: Le recul du lecteur (1995, 2021) and Un coup bien monté (2021).

We encourage authors who have already published short stories or short texts of different genres in the past not to let them sleep in the dustbin and to send them to us. We can't wait to add titles.

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