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Publications in english language division

We are a digital multilingual publishing house. We mainly work in the field of poetry and literature, but other genres are not excluded. You can change the language and access our French and Spanish languages divisions using the language menu in the header.


Our publications are on sale in our website and the major international sales platforms. Our ebooks are available in our store and also in print format on Amazon.


We publish on account of publisher. Contact us to tell us about your project. We make a selection according to our editorial line and our quality requirements. To get an idea of what may be of interest to us, we strongly recommend you to read at least one of our published books.

EVENTS 2023-2024:

Next events to confirm.


Our catalog in english (buy your books in our store)
Change the site language at the top right of the page to see publications in French and Spanish.

Danielle DUFRESNE, Memoirs of a WWII Soldier — A Journey of Hope and Survival, memoirs. NEW
John GALSWORTHY, The Dark Flower, novel.
Thomas HARDY, Jude the Obscure, novel.
Rudyard KIPLING, The Village That Voted the Earth Was Flat, short story.
Le Prince de Miguasha suivi de The Prince of Miguasha, theatre (bilingual edition French-English). 
D. H. LAWRENCE, Studies in Classic American Literature, literature and criticism.
Fabiana Elisa MARTÍNEZ, Conquered by Fog, short stories.
Fabiana Elisa MARTÍNEZ, Stupidity, short story.
Edward Irenaeus PRIME-STEVENSON, Imre: A Memorandum, novel.
Bayard TAYLOR, Joseph and His Friend: A Story of Pennsylvania, novel.
Virginia WOOLF, The Widow and the Parrot / La veuve et le perroquet, short story (bilingual edition English-French). BEST

Our collections:
Collection Magma Languages
Bilingual edition for language learning
Collection Magma Solo
Short stories of our authors, edited individually in ebook at low price
Collection Nobel Prize
Works in the original language of the great writers who won the Nobel Prize in Literature
LGBTQ+ Library
Iconic literary works of LGBTQ+ culture
Dufresne - Memoirs of a WWII Soldier
Prime-Stevenson - Imre A Memorandum
Lamothe - Le Prince de Miguasha
Martínez - Conquered by Fog
Kipling - The Village That Voted the Earth Was Flat
Taylor - Joseph and his Friend
Lawrence - Studies in Classic American Literature
Hardy - Jude the Obscure
Woolf - La veuve et le perroquet
Galsworthy - The Dark Flower
Martínez - Stupidity
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