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Danielle Dufresne at Pierre Turcotte Editor

Pierre Turcotte Editor is pleased to welcome the canadian writer Danielle Dufresne. We will soon publish Memoirs of a WWII Soldier — A Journey of Hope and Survival (translation of the french version by Geneviève Fortin-Ratté and Alexandre Hillinger).


Danielle Dufresne is a vagabond woman who has worked in several regions of Quebec. She now resides near the river in the Lower St. Lawrence. Her journey as an adventure guide in the Andes for nearly 15 years has left his mark on all her literary creation. Her training in History influences his writings and his particular affection for life stories. She has been an arts and culture manager for 25 years in the municipal sector, contributing to the emergence of cultural productions aimed at all audiences. Today, she continues her career by supporting the start-up and consolidation of social economy businesses. She has led and produced numerous cultural and heritage policies. Several specialized productions, trainings and conferences in the management of organizations in the field of arts, culture, community and cooperative life.


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