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Danielle Dufresne at Pierre Turcotte Editor

Updated: May 4

Pierre Turcotte Editor is pleased to welcome the canadian writer Danielle Dufresne. We will soon publish Memoirs of a WWII Soldier — A Journey of Hope and Survival (translation of the french version by Geneviève Fortin-Ratté and Alexandre Hillinger).


Danielle Dufresne is a woman with a free-spirit. Throughout her career she has worked in many different regions of the province of Québec but now resides in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. Her 15-year journey as an adventure guide in the Andes, her academic background in history as well as her fondness for real-life stories has all marked her literary work and deeply influenced her writing. For 25 years Danielle worked as a manager for Arts and Culture in municipalities where she contributed to the promotion of cultural productions for all audiences. Danielle now works as a consultant and provides support and advice for social economy businesses to start-up and for consolidation.


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