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The short story "The Village That Voted the Earth Was Flat", written by Kipling in 1913-1914, was published in the collection "A Diversity of Creatures" in 1917.


A few friends are accused of speeding by a zealous policeman in the village of Huckley. When they are brought before the local judge, they are severely and, according to them, unfairly condemned. A music-hall impresario they know also suffers the same fate and is, moreover, the victim of anti-Semitic remarks. The friends decide to take revenge. With a lot of imagination, but also the control of a few newspapers, they will succeed in ridiculing the village. The inhabitants are invited to a large, drunken dinner and are persuaded to vote that the Earth is flat. The newspapers take up the case and a hit song is written about it. The village of Huckley soon becomes the laughingstock of the public.


Rudyard Kipling won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1907.


KIPLING, Rudyard. The Village That Voted the Earth Was Flat. Montreal: Pierre Turcotte Editor, Collection Nobel Prize, 2023, 57 p.

Kipling - The Village That Voted the Earth Was Flat

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