Pierre Turcotte Editor

Collection Magma Poetry


The Collection Magma Poetry promotes poetic works by talented authors, with a strong style and an original vision of the world. We like to make new voices heard. The Collection will publish unpublished contemporary works by young authors and established authors, but also will try to unearth interesting little-known works taken from the public domain whose distribution has been neglected.

To submit a manuscript (unpublished, 40 pages minimum, Word file, Times New Roman 12 font, left aligned, paginated), please use the following submission form:


No 1

Pierre Turcotte, Calme brûlant [French]

No 2

Marcel Dugas, Paroles en liberté [French]

No 3

Various authors, Les jeunes poètes illuminés : Concours de poésie pour enfants ILLUMINATIONS 2021

No 4

Laurence Chaudouët, Éclats [French]

Chaudouët - Éclats Couverture
Collectif - Les Jeunes poètes illuminés
Dugas - Paroles en liberté Couverture (g