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Pierre Turcotte, M.A., was born in Canada, lives in Málaga since 2016. Has completed a Master’s degree in Literature from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM, 1999). He founded the digital and multilingual publishing house Pierre Turcotte Editor. Was editor-in-chief of the Canadian magazine Chanter.

Author of Calme brûlant (2021). Has published poems, short stories, essays and articles in Canadian, French, Belgian, Spanish, Argentinian, Peruvian, Mexican and American journals and anthologies : Mœbius, Brèves littéraires, Horrifique, Cœur de plumes, Lapsus, Chanter, Les Cahiers du CEDEL, Le Soc, Combat, Poétisthme, Encre[s], Chœur Magazine, Revista Literaria Pluma, El Elefante azul, Revista Retentiva, El Radar Cultural, Perro Negro de la Calle, Zompantle, Herederos del Kaos. He gives individual poetry workshops in french online.

In his poetic approach, he seeks to identify the human trajectory in the universe of ordinary and everyday things, as well as the sensations which make man a permeable and creative being.